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The ultimate actor for the role of Judge dredd would be Peter guiness. You might remember him from films as Alien3, Tim Burtons Sleepy hollow and TV series as Red Cap, Cadfael, Highlander.

Another cool actor would be Stephen Mchattie. You might have seen him in The Climb, The Highwayman, Beverly Hills Cop 3, and tv series as Lexx, X-files, Startrek Deep Space Nine, JAG and Highlander.

(for more info check www.imdb.com)

Sorry , its Peter Guinness, not guiness

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He might be too old for the role though????


Too old?!  How old is Dredd in the comic?

2000AD Online:
Ah, what the heck. For what it's worth, I'd love to see Andre Braugher in the role. Y'know, Frank Pembleton from 'Homicide: Life On The Street'. Also turned up in the latter 'Kojak' TV movies, not to mention 'Primal Fear' with Richard Gere and 'City Of Angels' with Nic Cage.


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