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Shakara this week. EH??

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Thread Zero:

Very odd.

Not good and very odd too.

A waste of 5 pages, not good and very odd too.

I mean do we care that some little nit thingy gets saved then blasted to death by Shakara's ship?

Worst 5 pages I have ever read in 2k. Nice art mind.

scojo with no crabs

I haven't been out to buy my copy yet. Is anybody else reminded of revere (spelling's off, it was out in the '90s after all) or am I just confused?

Thread Zero:
I remember Revere! John Smith and Simon Harrison art (I think). Now he was a muddy painter! Good but muddy.
The story was the usual mumbo jumbo by Smith but I liked it. I think the end had whales in it. Still I like the welsh! (Poor pun that) The tory was all about going back to nature. All that sort of hippy stuff.

Re Shakara. This week's part was one of the oddest 5 pages I have ever read in 2k.

I am still trying to fathom it out.
Can anyone actually explain it?

Robbie better start introducing a plot soon or old leather scissor hands is for the cut!

scojo the barber

Thread Zero:
Tory going back to nature?

Best thing for the Conservative party I say!

scojo useless at the pc keys as usual...

Dominic O'Rourke:
*shame* I was a big fan of revere, there I've said it now, I feel so much better!


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