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Author Topic: birthday surprise  (Read 657 times)

Devons Daddy

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birthday surprise
« on: 13 February, 2003, 02:10:21 PM »
ok this i want to share.
today we had the weekly F&B meeting.ten managers in the conference room together. in the middle of the meeting a pregnant women walks in.with a bag, and a very serious look.
asks for saat the general manager.he is the restaurant manger of one of the outlets.
the entire room goes quiet.she speaks in malay and some english the english being ,
i made a police report.you told me not to worry.you said you had money.
Saat who is malay and quite dark is now whiter then my uniform.the entire room of men is shocked and not able to speak the one woman in the room is looking at saat, who is married with children, with eyes of pure shame and disgust.  she the pregnant women looks down , the General manager looks at saat and says, well saat there seems to be a problem.
saat says i dont know who she is honestly.
the British GM looks at him and says , well all i can say is
this is tina a friend of mine. she is not pregnant and has never met you before.you have been had.

it was arranged by the General manager to take place at the meeting.without anyones knowledge other then his secatary.  
it must have taken an entire five seconds for the entire room to cope with the fact it had all been a set up.
Saat admitted he was completely shocked and was sure he did not know her,but felt this was the end of his carrear.

i tell you this was the most evil thing i have ever seen.every man everywhere should share his horror.
but it was the best i had ever seen.
the poor Ba****d.
i felt such moments should be shared with the entire world.starting with this board.

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The Enigmatic Dr X

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Re: birthday surprise
« Reply #1 on: 13 February, 2003, 02:29:04 PM »
True evil! How did you manage to keep a straight face? In a similar vein, I once had a girl in my work phone up my next door neighbour to arrange an interview at the station to discuss unpaid parking tickets. Not in the same league, but I found it funny.
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