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Portrait of a Mutant, an easy vote for me. I really like Dark Jimbos comments, I'd echo something similar.

The hilight of the final solution is MacNeil's coloured artwork. As I've stated elsewhere, his art is second only to Carlos for me. Don't like the monster that killed Johnny,  but those paintings are beautiful!

And I hate Feral. He got his comeuppance in the Life and Death of Johnny Alpha, and thats nothing to thumb your nose at ;)

Max Bubba (Ragnarok Job) for sure, for all its significance and finally getting to see Wulf's origin.

I'm surprised by the the dislike of the trolls and goblins here - I really enjoyed those aspects of the story. I thought they fit in perfectly with Vikings and time travel. There are plenty of mutants, supernatural beings and aliens in SD, how do the trolls and goblins fit any less?

Regarding Carlos art here, you won't get run out of town, fair opinion. I, however, think he draws killer vikings (Wulf is the original Viking of SD afterall) - I think he blends mutant bounty hunters, soldiers and vikings as good as anyone could have. Maybe not your match for Carlos but certainly no dip in the quality of his art here. It doesn't get any better than Wulf killing dragons with der happy-stick and Johhny sending trolls to the Doghouse using a time grenade!

Just thought I'd comment as the time hopping and trolls were a highlight for me, a very different environment from the other space/earth/planets that were used to seeing. Each to their own, the joy of voting!

Incident on Mayger Minor. I'd agree this is one of the best there is. A lone stranger astride a mork rides into a town to help a widow deal with an evil land baron...pure western!

Also, I much prefer the Western & War SD stories over the magic/supernatural elements. I do prefer the Moses Incident over other supernatural stories like Journey into Hell, the Final Solution etc.

The Rammy all the way! Another favorite, it follows the successful formula of the Killing but is different and strong enough to stand on its own. And Middenface is fantastic! He's no better or worse a partner thank Wulf,  just different.

I like the B&W art of Roadhouse (with bits of red lettering for some reason) but prefer the humorous Shaggy Dog Story.

Want to see Wulf bald? Look no further...just glad a bald Gronk wasn't in this one. My eyes couldn't handle what is happening under that fur.

Ah this is a difficult choice! The Mork Whisperer has the Western elements that I love and Blood Moon has the war elements I like (I least prefer the stories with supernatural elements).

With that said, as much as I enjoy how the Mork Whisperer unfolds while read, I'm going to have to go with Blood Moon. It was just more impactful to me after reading.

I agree with everything that's been said so far, The Doc Quince Case it is. BLAT! for the win.

A sorry Case is fun and humorous, and as stated previously, I really like MacNeil's take on Strontium Dog.  However, Smiley's World is my preference here, the better story IMO.

General / Re: Comic and book storage ideas?
« on: 24 July, 2021, 03:41:30 AM »
A Carlos Magno Apes page from that series is an original that I intend on hanging.

Arh man that's on my list of things to get and I've never seen one - actually I did see one in the wild but it wasn't a page I particularly liked - one day, one day. As you say the whole Boom! line is pretty much golden to a PotA fan.

Magno actually has the majority of his original pages still. He provides pricing and sells if you contact him directly. One day when you have some extra cash lying about...

General / Re: Comic and book storage ideas?
« on: 23 July, 2021, 11:21:44 PM »
Fantastic set up, Rogue Judge, and glad to see someone else has some Carl Barks Library in their collection.  The 'flat' colour reproduction on these is superb.

Your 2000AD titles look amazingly flush, not just at the spines but all the way down the top of the pages to the opening end.  Do you interleave them with cardboard?  I find that the spines are always slightly thicker than the rest of the books, and putting them together on the shelf doesn't give such a neat effect.  It's like slowly forming the circumference of what will eventually be an enormous doughnut of books.

Yes those Carl Barks Duck books are fantastic, I enjoy reading them to my kids - good for all ages. Clean simple art and colours with entertaining stories.

I just keep all the books lined up spine to spine, regardless of the size (some are slid all the way back, others slid forward), and pack them together tight enough that there is no room to squeeze another in but not so tight I have to force a book in. I've never had issues as long as the books are close together and spines aligned.

General / Re: Comic and book storage ideas?
« on: 22 July, 2021, 02:10:53 AM »
Thanks for the kind words all, much appreciated. The room is a work in progress, I've been picking at it for the past few years. Where the shelves are there used to be a closet on the left that I tore out and the right was a door, which I covered with plywood and painted. Then I covered the walls with the brick paneling and built the shelves with 2x4s and MDF sheets and stained  the wood. Loaded the comic boxes, organized by publishers and alphabetically (in a way that makes sense to me).

Glad you like the lid setup Colin, its an easy way to access the books while displaying a comic from the box - they slide neatly between the lid and box. Do borrow the concept, and share pics!

I do love westerns and Rio is a favorite! Nice to know someone else who enjoys this collection. And yes I have the full run of the Boom! PoTA comics, they are gold to an Apes fan! A Carlos Magno Apes page from that series is an original that I intend on hanging.

Fair point on Calvin and Hobbes...I'll do something about that by the time I post more pictures. It is a treasure!

Thanks again, progress pics to follow...eventually!

Slavers of Drule stands up to its true Seach and Destroy name - Search for the family and Destroy the slavers.

This story feels like a classic space western "my family has been kidnapped, find them" story that becomes so much more, I love it. And those near full-splash pages from this story are incredible!

While I like Galaxy Killers more than some, it's not nearly as good as Slavers.

The Killing is awesome, I love the whole deathmatch / last man standing on Zed idea, it could have gone on twice as long and I would have been entertained with each match-up. Carlos draws many fantastic aliens, mutants and robots, and that Epilogue is extremely satisfying!

I do like a lot of Carlos character designs in Stone Killers too. Both great stories.

Outlaw for me too. I tend to prefer the western and war elements of SD over anything supernatural.

The first time I read JIH (in the SD Files) I didn't love it as much as what came before,  and then certainly not as much as what was to follow. Upon rereading it recently,  I did enjoy it a lot more as there were great character moments for everyone, beautiful artwork, the Gronk skeleton and intensity of the river of fire etc.

However, Outlaw blew my socks off when reading it the first time and it still does!

Top Dog - 2 Points. Tight, fast-paced story with terrific MacNeil painted artwork featuring two top favorite characters...what's no to love!

The Sad Case - 1 Point. Humorous Kid Knee story that stands out, I've enjoyed rereading this one.

Beast of Milton Keynes - 1 Point. I like Billy Glum's appearances, classic and newer, and he was clearly important to Johnny. And that beautiful Carlos art (as always)

Town that died of shame - 1 Point. I'm going to show some love for Colin here as there will be plenty of time to gush over Carlos' art as we go along. Colin is so different than Carlos that he's the perfect artist to pick up the torch and continue Alpha's adventures, in my humble opinion.

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