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General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2022
« on: Today at 01:45:55 PM »
What is coming to the prog and meg early next year (and people wondered what Henry Flint was doing):

Absolutely fascinating that its in the floppies - Tharg really is experimenting. I guess (???) its a bit like the way that's been used to prelaunch the Encyclopedia?

Strange one alright.

Think I'll wait for the collected version of the Ennis / Flint strip, that Meg line-up isn't too enticing, and I can honestly say I am shocked by how much I haven't missed reading it for the past 4 months or so.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: Today at 01:41:06 PM »
Tales of Telguuth is a great-looking book. Primarily it's a showcase for some great fantasy artists, but the stories are enormous fun - knowingly pulpy and purple of prose, the format is almost never varied, but Steve Moore makes that something of a strength. They have a weird rhythm all their own that's a lot of fun if you can get into the spirit of things - 'Did you really think, Yabakrom Daak, that you could truly best the infernal Snertix?'

I'd forgotten how much I like these. You couldn't read too many in one sitting, but a nice volume to dip in and out of when you've got 15 mins spare.

Was humming and hawing about that cherry-pick, but you've just made a sale for Hachette.

Big Dave for some laugh out loud moments.

And because no-one else will vote for it!

Detonator X

The Scarlet Apocrypha was great fun, and the winner for me.

A poor mans Vertigo series, but nevertheless - Necrophim

Fervent & Lobe, in this and every other reality.

Back again with more inane entertainment!

I'm going to approach this one with a strict "Which of them would I actually re-read if presented with the choice?" decision.

Round 1; Black Siddha

Books & Comics / Re: Comics we're excited about in 2022
« on: 21 October, 2021, 12:33:28 PM »
Only two on the horizon for me in 2022;

- The Legend of Luther Arkwright.
- 'Season' 2 (and possibly 3) of Red Room.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 21 October, 2021, 12:14:21 PM »
I thought it was a typo at first when it said he was 90 - my mum's 90 and she struggles getting to the bottom of her garden these days.

He's had some life.

Just watched some footage this morning, Bill ringing the bell as he entered the craft was ever so slightly moving.

Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« on: 21 October, 2021, 12:04:10 PM »
Since the entire world was watching Squid Game this week I decided to give it a go too.

Very enjoyable overall, but the twist was a bit predictable.

I liked the Saw vibe, and highly recommend watching this fan edit of the end scene featuring "Hello Zepp" music, inter-cut flashbacks and a more pessimistic denouement; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hCjSl9jrx4

Obviously I don't highly recommend it it you haven't watched the series yet and intend on doing so.

General / Re: Promises, Promises...
« on: 21 October, 2021, 11:50:09 AM »
Rogue Trooper, prog 1022, 1996.

Obviously not the end of Rogue Trooper the strip, or the Rogueverse at large, but the last that we've seen to date of Fr1day and Venus Bluegenes.


Gunnar (Mk I Biochip)
Top (Mk II Biochip)
Eightball (Mk II Biochip)
Lucky (Mk II Biochip)

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 21 October, 2021, 11:44:39 AM »
While waiting on Metroid Dread to arrive in the post I downloaded Doom (2016) on my PS5 partially on a curious whim / partially because it was only a coupla quid.
Metroid Dread is bloody brilliant. I'm sneaking every spare minute I can find.

Good to hear.
I really liked what Mercury Steam produced with Samus Returns a few years back, so would expect no less from them.

Metroid Dread

So far it is everything I hoped it would be.
I've had three intense play sessions this week, > 6 hours each, and have made it as far as the second sweep of Ferenia / Ice Missile upgrade (so I assume about 50% through the game).
A flawless experience so far - intense boss battles, satisfying exploration and progression, and perfect / responsive controls (I am playing docked & using the Pro Controller, maybe it wouldn't be as comfortable otherwise).

Top tip if you have any Metroid related Amiibo lying around - they can be used in game once per 24 hours to replenish energy / missiles (to varying degrees depending on the Amiibo).
This actually saved my bacon during the first Chozo warrior battle when my Missile complement was relatively low.

Probably not much of a spoiler for anyone who's played it, but I assume that Raven Beak is Samus' adoptive father?
Guess I will find out by the weekend.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 15 October, 2021, 10:00:22 AM »
I dunno man, they have been a memorable treat from any visit to London, Liverpool or Glasgow in the past decade.
I will take your word for it Senor Pops - wouldn't be like a Northern Irishman to take a contrary position unfounded.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 15 October, 2021, 09:52:35 AM »
Check put the Hachette site, Link, loads of the books are currently back in stock.

Would you believe I was doing that just recently Jimbo, but unfortunately they are no longer delivering to Ireland.

I think I'll check with the lads in Big Bang Comics if they could place a back-issue order on my behalf.

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