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Books & Comics / Re: New Comic Book Day Megathread
« on: 16 November, 2021, 11:39:31 AM »

I'm a sucker for The Thing, but for one reason or another don't have many of his comics, it land at the wrong time, the hook doesn't grab me whatever.

In the same boat here, even though I wouldn't purchase a modern Marvel comic if C.B. Cebulski offered to dress up as a Geisha and breathlessly read it to me, I have a soft spot for Ol' blue eyes.

Currently working my way through a handsome Masterworks hardback copy of 'Marvel Two-in-One' Vol. 5.
Recommended for aficionados of refined 70's nonsense.


Really and Truly was offbeat fun, and a showcase for the criminally underused the Ryan Hughes.
Not as headline grabbing as some of the other strips that ran during the Summer Offensive, but a nice counterbalance at the time.

Despite some nice art, I found that Mild Drizzle Concern did not affect my Thrill Barometer in the slightest.

Wish we’d had a lot more of that.


Lilly MacKenzie

The art was a great example of a perfect fit for the tone and atmopshere of the story.

It really was.

I quite enjoyed Creep at the time - having the lead as a nasty little mutated serial killer pervert was an entertaining premise.

The superb artwork by the Cullen Droid was something else, and would be the clincher for me even if I didn't prefer Creep over the memory-holed Karyn.

I'm lucky enough to have an original page of Cullen's art from this series too - absolutely beautifully drawn.

Frazer Irving, for crying out loud!

Irving was decent enough during his initial 'spiral' phase, but I don't think anyone could have predicted just how accomplished he'd become.
A unique talent - TMO could pursue worse folly than try to woo him back to the Prog.

The pitch for Necronauts sounded more entertaining than the execution if I recall, but I would definitely re-read it before the archaic Timequake.


Cosmic Comic has all the episodes from the Prog - I think that's all of it isn't it?

There was a Special Effects[/] two-pager written and drawn by Kev that was in the 2000AD Annual 1982 that has never been reprinted.

@ David McDonald: You had ONE JOB.

So pleased to see SnR getting some love!

I defo would have voted for it against a lot of what Colin has dug up from that mass Thrillsucker grave so far - I even have a page of original art from if for Grud's sake.

But the Blue torch of Rogue Trooper continuity must be held aloft in the darkness by at least one of the four people who give a damn.

Books & Comics / Re: A Trick of the Light - Retro 70’s girls comic
« on: 12 November, 2021, 09:52:20 AM »
Have to say, that does look excellent.

It's got another backer.  :thumbsup:

Dash Decent all the way. One for the next Hibernia special?

And to think I used to like you... get...OUT

To be fair to The Cosh, he is living in country with a bizarre foreign culture and seldom spoken English.
That recent Hibernia release may have passed him by.

Wait - he's not living in Scotland anymore?

News / Re: Henry Flint's new 2000AD Project
« on: 11 November, 2021, 12:08:36 PM »
Bonkers. The Todd Unctious of new series reveals.

Anyway, I intend on picking up the collected edition, and will be keeping an eye on ongoing Meg supplement reviews from the only two of you who's opinion I respect (you know who you are).

including Arnie's quote-spouting brain

Very amusing alright - I think Ennis included pretty much every one-liner Arnie had incoherently bellowed up until that point.

But c'mon, there's no way it's a better strip than Tor Cyan.

Maybe I'm alone here, but I thought the Tor Cyan strip was one ladder rung below Zarjaz, and it was reaching upwards before the plug was pulled by TMO.

Bringing together story elements from Smith's Cinnabar to White's Rogue Troopers and seemingly setting-up a roundabout resurrection for the original Rogue Trooper (effectively dropping the Friday connection without ignoring that it happened in continuity) it worked remarkably well I thought.

Some killer artwork from Walker, Wilson and Jock didn't hurt either.

If I was in charge - and I will be one day by Grud - I'd have ran with the Tor Cyan set-up as a means of re-establishing Rogue Trooper in 2000AD without having to resort to another reboot or relying on Nu-Earth flashbacks.

Is the FFTA accepting brown envelopes from a mildly embarrassed John Wagner one wonders?

I'll have a Plagues of Necropolis please Bob.

The 'Dredd' stuff started strong and ended weak.

I remember quite looking forward to having Alex Di Campi co-write the 'Dark Judges' story-line as she had really impressed me with her various Grindhouse series.
I was bitterly disappointed.
Looking back, the 'Dredd' universe should have remained more grounded, keeping in line with our favourite film.

Anyway, I'll vote Freaks.

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