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Would have voted Maniac 5 - an early Millar strip that delivered IMO.

Zancudo was fairly decent.

Harmony Kreig, for that wonderful Jim Murray pin-up.

Missed this round, but my Dash Decent vote was irrelevant anyway!

General / Writers Block
« on: 05 November, 2021, 01:12:07 PM »
Supply chain, Brexit, ageing readership, cover price, distribution - as with all publications, there are a few threats on the horizon.
2000AD may have a unique one though.
I'll prefix this post with the usual rambling; There is a lot of top tier entertainment to consume out there with movies, streaming services, video games, novels etc, and as I get older I've noticed that my tolerance for the "passably good" has reduced considerably.
You have to keep hitting the home runs to stay off the bench as it were, and I've become quite a ruthless coach.
Without hesitation I'll stop a movie 10 minutes in, stop playing a game after an hour, stop buying a comic series after one poor issue.
The only break, say, a Netflix show might get may be because I'm watching it with my partner and she's enjoying it.
I've voiced dissatisfaction with 2000AD in the past couple of years, and all other considerations aside, my main problem comes down to the quality of a significant portion of the writing.
As it stands in November 2021, many of the reliable greats are semi-retired, retired or 'gone':
- Wagner, despite pleasantly surprising us with quite a few weeks of Dredd this year (and The Citadel on the horizon for 2022), has a vastly reduced input.
- Mills has left, and possibly (probably) won't be back.
- Grant seems to have retired, although I can't recall if that was officially announced or not.
- Smith is MIA, could potentially return, but even if he did, how prolific would his input be?

Who do we have left with regular contributions?
Top tier are probably Abnett and Rennie. Both very prolific and consistent.
I would also highly rate Carroll, Edginton, Williams and Kek-W although they would be more prone to missteps.
I'm sure there a few others that could be considered solid, but that's who comes to mind for me anyway.

After that? I dunno. I can't say that anything from the newer Droids, from the past 5 years or so, has Thrilled me in any memorable way.
And if that's where we stand right now, how will things look by 2025, 2030?
We're only an unfortunate coronary thrombosis or two away from a potential significant further drop in writing quality.
Will another break-through talent like Ewing or Spurrier add a bit of spice to the mix? I would sincerely hope so.

I've mentioned a couple of times in the past two years that I was considering pulling the plug on 2000AD, but always returned from the precipice.
It can offer at least one or two decent reads a week (I'm currently enjoying Scarlet Traces and The Out) and the artwork, covers, colouring, lettering and production values are consistently excellent.

There is also a very long connection there that I find difficult to break.
39 years right now, by next autumn I will have read / partially read every consecutive Prog in 40 years.

Look, it's all subjective I know, and I read Prog reviews on this Forum every week by very sound fellow boarders who are lapping up pretty much everything they get.
FFS, maybe it is just me.

Prog / Re: Prog 2249 - Her father's PSIs
« on: 04 November, 2021, 09:16:37 AM »
I just read in an interview with James Peaty that the final book of both Skip Tracer and Diamonds Dogs will be released in 2022

Oh its interesting that there will be more Skip Tracer this really felt like an end. Still could go to interesting places... could...]

Anyone ever catch James Peaty and Michael Fleischer's archivist having coffee together in Starbucks?

No real preference, but I would sooner re-read 13.

I really enjoyed the first series, Stapler one-off, and second series of Brigand Doom, and would definitely re-read the lot if it gets an Ultimate Collection edition.

The only Disaster 1990 I can recall came in the suave Mediterranean form of Salvatore Schillaci.

Brigand Doom for the win, and I'll vote for it again down the line.

Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« on: 03 November, 2021, 03:13:19 PM »
Halfway through Season 2 of Locke & Key.
It's an improvement, acting-wise at least, on the first very uneven season, but still not clicking with me.
It just all seems a bit too convenient, for lack of a better word that I can't be bothered Googling.

I really love the comic series, and do enjoy seeing certain elements play out on screen, such as the 'Giant' spider and Head Key, but can't see myself ever re-watching it.

Film Discussion / Re: Six minutes of Karl Urban’s geek collection
« on: 03 November, 2021, 03:05:24 PM »
I always wince at how hard he puts down the Dredd helmet.

No-one remove the word "Dredd" from that post please, we're celebrating a Regened week here.
Thanks lads.

HAVN for a comfortable win here, I couldn't make it through one episode of Cubic Zirconia Mutts.

Kola Kommandos is an almost-formed gem, and I would definitely re-read it before HH.

The expressive early artwork of Anthony Williams also plays a factor here, as it did with Babe Race 2000 and Big Dave.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 02 November, 2021, 11:02:11 AM »

Plus, Keeley Hawes is unsurpassed voice actor for Lara.

I'd somehow either never known that or completely forgotten it, but what a great choice for a voice actor.

Legend was far more enjoyable than the sequel Underworld as far as I recall, but the game-play of both pales in comparison to the modern reboot trilogy.

Zaucer of Zilk by a McCarthy mile.

Rose O'Rion had some potential, and gets my vote.

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