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Bill Willingham himself has something of a reputation. So I'm not entirely sure I'd read that substack without noting that going in.

Prog / Re: Prog 2246 Regened - It's a Monster
« on: 27 August, 2021, 07:19:31 PM »
I'm sure Jim will pop along shortly to once again patiently explain why it's not just a simple matter of 2000ad deciding to do a new comic. You have to bring your distributors/retailers along with you which is neither easy nor cheap.

Creative Common / Re: Why Not!?
« on: 26 August, 2021, 11:59:17 AM »
AT LAST! You can buy a printed copy of all new why not!? material includes Servant 72! a sci fi epic, by 13 year old thomas holden. Kids comics for kids by a kid. Directly from amazon 96 pages for £5/99!


Film & TV / Re: Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who.
« on: 03 August, 2021, 06:10:02 PM »
That speech at the end of Capaldi’s run was cringeworthy. It went on forever and felt like the antithesis of what is Doctor was all about—although it was off course a Moffat blog post about what he thought the character should be. Awful. I kind of hope Whitakker’s doesn’t do something so overblown. “Bye, then!”

Sometimes Doctor Who becomes terribly self-indulgant and actorly and is usually more awful for it.

I suspect it's a show that the cast and crew feels it can lend itself to "luvviness" and so we end up with stuff like that.

Film & TV / Re: Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who.
« on: 03 August, 2021, 05:06:54 PM »
I’d like to see Diane Morgan (of Philomena Cunk fame) play the next doctor
That is a helluva shout. I know her mostly from Motherland and that tired, no-effs-given personality would work perfectly.

god, you've GOT to watch her in the tv series Mandy - she's like bizarre, human cartoon - like a nihilistic mr bean.

But, I'd hoped that personality was what we were getting with capaldi (his insults to clara, etc) but then it got sentimental/schamltzy (and felt like someone asked capaldi what he liked doing "playing guitar!" "Ok, not sure how it fits, but we'll do that it'll be fab!", so I just dunno how the beeb would hold on to the edge.

Off Topic / Re: Back to the Office
« on: 23 July, 2021, 08:06:01 AM »

My commute is the guts of two hours everyday, and this is by no means the longest out of my colleagues.

A 2 hour commute in Belfast ! Good god.(I do believe you. I’m just gobsmacked at it)

Lived and worked here all my life. Longest commute over an hour during the one year I lived in strangford and hitchhiked Down for a Saturday job.

Second longest was when I’d walk into town from the Ormeau road (about 30-45 minutes)

General / Re: The Science of Judge Dredd
« on: 20 July, 2021, 03:41:24 PM »
Well, Judges are not unthinking autonomous bots, so my post was merely suggesting one might do that (equally someone else might think - maybe I'll get that last idiot with a ricochet, no sense using a heatseeker with hiex going off everywhere...)

General / Re: The Science of Judge Dredd
« on: 17 July, 2021, 08:01:00 PM »
six seems mad low!

I'd have put the number upwards of 20...


General / The Science of Judge Dredd
« on: 17 July, 2021, 10:55:19 AM »
BPP posted this else where:

Genuine question - does the lawgiver only eject casings on covers? I’m sure I’ve seen it before om covers but not that I’ve seen it in stripwork.

And I took a stab at a legit answer on my blog https://www.pauljholden.com/2021/07/17/the-science-of-judge-dredd/ (where I also talk about how I think Dredd's helmet far from being vision obscuring, probably gives him close to 360 degree vision...)

But basically:
Here’s how I see it: Dredd’s gun is essentially a super sophisticated 3d printer. It holds multiple ingredients for building multiple types of bullet.

The device is primed (usually through spoken command, though it will default to smartly identifying the type of bullet) theory: maybe cadets are trained to shout out the bullet type so other Judges can have a better situational awareness. Dredd shouts “Armour piercing”? everyone else goes with Armour Piercing.

(Again, this is very much fan wank – the real reason Dredd shouts out the bullet type is so the reader knows what Dredd has fired…)

Why the shells? Well, the real reason is: they look cool. The in-my-head reason is that some of the raw material (but not all) is held in cartridges, and so they eject after they’re spent.

The question I have is, is it like my colour printer : where if you don’t have yellow ink you can’t (for some reason) print black and white. If you lack ingredient X can you still use bullet Y that doesn’t use it, or is the gun out of ammo?

I suspect some ingredients are common to all bullet types (projectile types? is bullet the right word?)

Books & Comics / Re: Small Press Suggestions
« on: 16 July, 2021, 03:01:31 PM »

Creative Common / Re: Why Not!?
« on: 08 July, 2021, 02:15:15 PM »
At last! Why Not!? is BACK! All new Monkey Arms, Head Bump Hero and much more - a 40 page bumper special.


Slightly scary Monkey Arms in this issue (clearly influence by Junji Ito, but still fun!) it's free! (and if you wanna donate to Tom via my paypal there's a link at the page)

Creative Common / Re: Masking Fluid and Paint Splatter
« on: 07 July, 2021, 10:22:43 AM »
Also! The viscosity of the pain will determine what you get! Gloppy thick paint and you'll get streaks (or long blobs) thinner paint and you'll get very small droplets - experiment!

Creative Common / Re: Masking Fluid and Paint Splatter
« on: 07 July, 2021, 09:43:02 AM »
Put some paint on the edge of a credit card, use a brush to fleck that paint from the card on to the canvas - can't remember where I first saw this, but it adds far more control.

(Mind you I'm all digital now, so I built a "paint splatter" brush and my life is so much cleaner now!)

I think it's easy to over think why there isn't more diversity in the prog but in all honesty it's nothing more than artist using themselves as reference

Which leads to arguably the bigger problem, which is that most of the creators are white males (like me…)

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