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Droid Life

Stevie loved Harry Kipling, but it's Metalzoic

Roger's Mum

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2022
« on: 25 November, 2021, 04:05:15 AM »
Black Beth : Vengeance Be Thy Name (from the pages of SCREAM!) - paperback, 80 pages, 7th June 2022

A warrior with a name born of the black rage that filled her heart!

In a world of swords and sorcery, the evil tyrant Rassau discovers that he is destined to be killed by a fearsome warrior called Beth. Together with his men, Rassau seeks Beth out, destroying her village and killing all held dear to her. With the aid of a former warrior - the blind Quido - Beth becomes a skilled fighter and sworn enemy of all that is evil! She will not rest until her people are avenged!

This book contains both the original strip and the brilliantly resurrected stories that have been masterfully guided by writer Alec Worley and DC Comic's newest star, the astonishing Greek artist, DaNi!

Pffft! Old news.

Kelvin Gosnell and John Higgins channeling Golden Age SF? Joe Black in a heartbeat.

Deadlock was everything that the nostalgia-fest of Nemesis Book X wasn't. It really felt like it was going somewhere.

Deadlock it is.

Yep -

Whilst we're on the subject of rejected proposals, here was my attempt to continue drawing the Gronk after Pete Hogan pretty much gave up on the character: It was to be set in a typical western-style Strontium Dogs environment, with the Gronk on his own, still with his Garth Ennis created agression (gronks normally being timorous beasts, subject to heart attacks from excessive excitement). He discovers a travelling circus which is actually a cover for a gronk breeding programme (for their highly prized fur). Cue plenty of POW/animal rights references as the Gronk breaks them out (think Chicken Run with gronks). Much black humour ensues as, during the escape and flight, many of the 'unchanged' gronks keel over due to the stress. It was to be called '101 Gronks', but as the series progressed, the number in the title was to decrease as the number of rescued gronks grew less and less!
The touching and heartbreaking denoument was to have The Gronk return to his home planet with a few of his rescued captives still alive, only to find he's banned from the planet because he's gone through 'the change' and thus would be too much of a threat to the fragility of the gronk race. Awwww....

Sounds briliiant! I'd rather read that over Finn or some of the other thrill suckerage that Tharg was filling the prog out with in the Nineties.

Tribal Memories. in a heart beat. One of the most intelligent pieces of proper science fiction to ever appear in the prog.

Storm Warning is both one of Stevie's favourite Brit Cit & Psi Judge sgrips.

Really & Truly is  The Curs'd Eartb [ via/i]Hanna-Barbera via Acid House. It's one of Stevie's favourite things that Grant has ever done.

So Really and Truly iit is.


She was recenty rescued from there by Anderson and some other stuff happened.

Recent as in the last 18 months? Not seen the prog nor the meg here in Oz since covid.

Tiger Sun, Dragon Moon? Shotglass rocket-fuel, insatiate reader. Much as Stevie loves Steve parkhouse, the whole in media res made the strip feel like the middle section of something longer.

Carry On Barabarella , on the other hand, was smart Euro hard scifi that left one wishing for more.

Lilly MacKenzie it is.

Hershey is one of Stevie's absolute favourite members of the cast of Judge Dredd. But the kindest thing that he can say about the majority of the Judge Hershey strips themselves is that, well, they were all so inconsequential. The sole exception being the one that Igor Goldkind & Kevin Cullan did with the Harlequin. I'd happily read that any day. But the others...

B.L.A.I.R. 1 on the other hand was a one-note strip that looked good on paper but didn't quite work when put to paper. But it had a sheer audacity that was very 2000AD.

So B.L.A.I.R. 1 it is.

Stevie is rather partial to a good anthology strip.*

So Tales from the Black Museum it is.

*Except for Dragon Tales. The operative word is good here.

Hey, there's at least one Redondo showcase that has yet ot raise its head into this tourney and I'm backing it to the hilt!!

Yep. That's the one that was Stevie's top thrill for its entire run in the prog.

Tough call this one. Both had really distinctive art I really liked. Creep really did feel nasty, Karyn’s stories were a bit less memorable although I like the character and hope she gets more to do in the expanding Andersonverse.


Karyn was last seen in a straight jacket & a pysch-cube at the end of a Rennie Dredd over a decade ago. That's how memorable her adventures were.

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