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brighton ?

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Byron Virgo:
Well, it's an opinion, I suppose...

...not mine of course, but there you go...

Funt Solo:
Mark Millar goes out in public?

Byron Virgo:
I'm afraid so.

"Mother - shield the children's eyes!"

Queen Firey-Bou:
mmm, well my new-boss is obviously feeling mean for depriving me of dredd-con so says go girl! you book it !

easy jet is probably 3p if i book this early. only thing in the way at mo appart from rock bottom self-confidence & a crushing pessimism, is the fact that we maybe might supposed to be possibly moving house the week before...which with 22 years crap, 3 bikes, 2 cars various engine parts ( sob ) many many pets, comix, a kiln & art stuff could be a big deal..
but thats a tad off topic. who cares.

sounds like a plan to look forward to.

?200 a head for a 'ProCon' - feh. What exactly would the difference have been between the 'ProCon' and the standard convention drinking and networking session?


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