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brighton ?

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End is Nigh issue two will be launched at the Brighton convention.

We are, apparantly, sharing a table with something called 'Futurequack' or summat ... ;-P


Brighton is being held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November (web addy -

FutureQuake will be there launching issue #5 and it is looking excellent, and in addition to this we will be launching a very special NEW PROJECT details of which will be revealed later this week....would be now, but the guys will brain me if I let it out of the bag....!!!


Thanks for the heads up on this.

I should be able to make it, i'm not too far away, will have a floor to crash on and it will be easy to keep the gf otherwise occupied : )

Byron Virgo:
"the guys will brain me if I let it out of the bag"

Which guys are these, Mark? I don't mind if you want to spill your (metaphorical) guts...

Check out the website, with a mascot and design by Brendan McCarthy and Steve Cook!

I know they're trying to get along people like Russell T. Davies, Raymond Briggs and Simon Pegg, and they've already got people like Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, Gilbert Shelton and Jim Steranko.

There's also going to be a Diamond selling day for comics publishers (DC and so on), with the possibility of a Small/Indie Press event in the late afternoon/evening.

There's a concession at the Brighton Metropole where the event is hosted, but there should be plenty of cheap accomodation nearby (try asking Bolt).

DCJ is going to be sharing a table with TEiN and FQ/MQ and Lost Property 2: Revenge of the Strip.

Blimey, it's going to be a bit crowded, innit?

Link: Brighton Comic Expo

Cosy I like to think...


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