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Mike Carroll:
Excellent... We'll be there, and we'll bring some comics-related thingies (if I remember).


Pah...who wants to go to bloomin Shedcon and Dreddcon anyway!  I'm much happier spending time with the family or working...oh yes I really...

Matt Timson:
I'll be bringing a mint prog2- complete with biotronic stickers*

*will I fuck- but I'll try to dig out something worth having...


I'll chuck something in, either an annual or graphic novel.

OK, thought I'd get a year off for good behaviour but I'll sort out some raffle tickets and get bring some prizes to add to whatever anyone else brings.

As usual first out of the Dredd beanie gets to pick and so on until its only the crap prize that nobody wants is left.

If someone has the Shed:Con artwork can they e-mail it to me and I'll knock of a couple of A3 sized Shed:Con posters to stick at the end of the bar.



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