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Mike Carroll:
So what are the details about Shed:Con? Specifically, where is it taking place, and at what time? And since I doubt that there's be anyone there I've met before, how will I know when I've arrived at the right place?

Mike C

In the absence of a plan to the contrary ShedCon is in the Three Goats Heads (next to the DreddCon venue) in the upstairs bar. If the first arrivals head for the two tables furthest from the road then hopefully the whole of that area will end up with ShedConners.

I don't mind bringing two decks of Dredd cards to use as raffle tickets.



>So what are the details about Shed:Con?

Go to pub (3 Goats heads - next to dreddcon venue) on friday from late afternoon, early evening onwards.

Bring comics related stuff for raffle.

Look for people sat around table who are comics fans (comics on table may give you a clue which they are... otherwise general largeness might be a hint)

Engage in conversation with comic fans

Buy beer, drink beer, repeat for rest of night.

I was a bit concerned about this last year, being my first Shed, but believe me, a group of comic fans is very easy to spot, really!

Damn work, can I have a raffle ticket anyway? Please?

I dont mind doing the raffle if no one else wants to take it on?

If anyone is bringing prizes if they could give me an idea of what they are it'll give me an idea of what to bring from the office.


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