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And to think that was only filler Mike didn't even want to print in the first place.

Byron Virgo:
I thought that was Binmen of the Apocalypse?

Indeed so - most of it was filler, but we'll get away with it if no-one draws any attention to the fact.
Not that I'd know anything about filling a book with nowt but filler and having the gumption to expect people to pay 2 quid for it.
50p postage.

I've been skimming parts of the Dredd screenplay and some of it is just pure genius.  For example, this particularly fantastic snippet comes after Dredd and Giant encounter Judge Death and, er, shoot him with a rocket launcher:



Pure fecking genius.

Lady Squaxx:
After the bollocking I got from Logan for being a 'lurker' at Shedcon, (described to me as the boarding equivelent of dogging....) I thought it prudent that I finally break my silence.  

A HUGE thank you to everyone for making this newbie feel so welcome her first time.  My pathetic 12-month collection of reading material got a serious shot in the arm with an impressive haul in the Sheddcon raffle (the 1st 15 Megs alone near doubled it!).

I had a whale of a time meeting so many genuine and enthusiastic people on Saturday and furthering my Dredductation (hey, did you see what I did there) with a peek at the original artwork of his first appearence was very pleasing indeed.  As was the Henry Flint page Ollie not-very-subtly got for me as an anniversary gift..... Any ideas as to unusual reading material I could (frugally) reciprocate with?  

Max's pitch really was an eye-opener!  It had seemed to make more sense through a bottle of wine, though.  

Hmmmmm, not as difficult as I thought, this posting lark.  I may even venture an opinion or two in the future........ well, one step at a time, eh?  

TwoTonneTonyXTubbs - I'm chasing up those reccommendations as we speak.

LMS - Another great big thankyou for the bed.  That last 100 miles would probably have killed us all!!!


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