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Free Comic Book Summer 2020

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I'm a bit sceptical of FCBD, and what assistance it actually gives to shops. Don't they have to pay for the stock (to allow people to pick it up for free and then immediately flip on eBay)? If they've got to limit the numbers in the shop, then do they really want people queuing up outside just to have a £0 sale?

If I was thinking of ways to help shops, I don't think this is something that would immediately spring to mind. Good for publishers, (very) good for consumers. For shops, though?

The theory was always “once you’re there, you’ll buy”. The reality appears to be quite different. Also, it’s a crapshoot for people anyway. I have (or had—not sure, because COVID) two LCSs—one in Cove and another in Reading. The former doesn’t do FCBD at all. The latter did, but when I asked if they'd get in the 2000 AD book last time there was one, I was told they’d ordered only one copy, and recommended I get there and queue very early in order to secure it. Parking in Reading is £4/hr. So I just waited until A Place in Space started selling them on its website for a quid, and used that outlet instead.

My local FCBS required people to buy something to qualify for the free comic.  Then any comics not given away on the day got sold for £1 each.  And then somebody came on to this forum to complain that they were charging for comics on days other than free comic book day - you can't win sometimes!

Max Headroom:
Will the 2000ad FCBD feature any original material?



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