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Cerebus Phonebooks 1 to 5 For Sale


Decided to do another pruning of the comics pile and while most of it is going to family who are interested I figured I'd offer these to any interested parties. They seem fairly sort after.

Cerebus The Aardvark
High Society
Church and State I
Church and State II
Jakas Story

£5 each or all five for £20, plus postage.

Colin YNWA:
These shift for a lot more than you are selling them Zak. I mean you might just want to get rid but they seem to go for £20 or more these days (the later one's even more!).

Ah, its fine. The gift of sharing and all that. Plus I'd rather they go to someone here than flung on fleebay, so a bargains fine by me. :)

Aaaand sold!


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