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Angry Vince:
I play a fair bit of RPG's - the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout etc and thought I'd give Elden Ring a try...

Went in with low expectations and warnings from friends...

Created a character and played the first ten minutes...

Nope. Uninstall, delete saves and get a refund. Not a fan of that at all.

I like a good RPG, but I have not time for difficult for the sake of difficult.


--- Quote from: The Enigmatic Dr X on 08 March, 2022, 11:22:03 PM ---I fail to see the appeal of a game that confuses me with how to equip weapons.

--- End quote ---


I am LOVING this game. Its HUGE and just when you think the map cant get any larger it does.

3 Shardbearers downed!

Link Prime:

--- Quote from: Satanist on 14 March, 2022, 02:12:25 PM ---
I am LOVING this game.

--- End quote ---

Good man Satanist!

Yeah, the map evolution is ridiculous - I've just added the Altus Plateau region to my map - it's now impossible to fit the full map on-screen when zoomed out.

I've only killed one Shard-bearer and a few dragons so far, but have reached level 65 through blind exploration.
Hopelessly addicted to this game.

Link Prime:
I reached the area after the Fire Giant battle yesterday evening that I assume is the "point of no return" for the endgame.
I was reluctant to continue as there was still so much left to discover, so went back at a few barely explored areas.
Got my ass handed to me 40+ times by the Valiant Gargoyle twin bosses.
For context, I'm at Level 108 and have the Mimic Tear.

Soul crushing, but I still refuse to Google a cheese.

The Doctor Alt 8:

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