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Dash Decent:
The BBC made radio adaptions of every Sherlock Holmes story with Clive Merrison in the title role.  They didn't have a good handle on it in the early ones, and there's a lot of Dr Watson setting the scene with narrative.  After a while they were entirely acted with no narration, and they're so much better for it.

Audible now has 5 minute samples up of the start of each production.  I listened to "The Pit", "America" and "the Ballad of Halo Jones".  I'm going to pass.  Looking at the stern face of Dredd on the cover image for The Pit, and listening to the voice they've given him, they just didn't seem to fit for me.  Also, we get other Judges talking during Dredd's opening inspection but when they're not talking, it felt like he was in an empty room.  I didn't get any sense of anyone else being there.  Perhaps I need to listen to it with the sound up, as I don't remember much of a soundscape at all, other than Dredd's footsteps.  It didn't create a picture in my mind what kind of room they were in, or how big or who was there.

I hope others get much more enjoyment from it and that it's a big success.


--- Quote from: pauljholden on 21 February, 2021, 10:11:02 AM ---You can't have Dredd read that out loud (though it represents his thinking) and it's such fun meaty stuff (and important) you don't want to lose it and I don't think any audio soundscape in the world could cover the text in that last panel...

--- End quote ---

Third person narration is desperately unfashionable these days, but this is a brilliant example of how to use it well. The reader isn't supposed to empathise with Dredd in the way that a first person narration would encourage — the use of third person gives an insight into what Dredd thinks and feels, but maintains that necessary distance.

(The only time I can think of Dredd getting first person narration is the opening of America, and that's substantially different because it's not an internal monologue, a transcription of his thoughts, it's a direct address to the reader: "Where do I stand? I'll tell you where I stand…")

The Bissler:
All of the dialogue is read as written. It's incredibly faithful, only with the most minor of additions. I've put together some video reviews of the full series on the Reviews section if anyone wants to know more.  ;)

Just listened to The Pit in its entirety.

Difficult to express a feeling on it. For a start, it’s nowhere near as gritty as I’d have liked it to be - there are several instances where the actors don’t sound like they’re REACTING to one another, just moving through their lines. It’s difficult though, when you’ve read the story as much as I have, you need to realise that this is a different take - an adaptation - and you’ve got to have an open mind. In fact, the only really sore point for me was Ed Winchester doing what can only be described as a comedy tough guy voice for Guthrie.

The rest of the cast do a fine job, Fiennes in particular as Dredd puts a more relaxed and nuanced spin on Dredd. In fact, the whole thing reminded me of The Pit as directed by Kevin Costner. Half the time I could picture Dredd as Costner in a bent - up cowboy hat behind the wheel of a 4x4, going about his business.

There are times when the sound effects take over and it’s difficult to tell what’s going on if you’ve not read the story already - the Grot Pot part in particular is guilt here.

Overall though, I enjoyed it. It was refreshing to hear a Dredd that’s not got a Batman Begins style overly gruff voice, and it filled in a couple of hours as a I went about my daily walk.

I’d recommend it, but keep an open mind.

Slaine tomorrow, will report back when I’ve heard it all.

I've got Brink lined up for tonight, and have been working my way through a reread of the whole series to date, in preparation.

I'm slightly nervous- largely because no matter how good audio drama can be (and I've listened to a fair amount over the years) it always, always, makes me doze off.

At 3.5 hours, the best I can hope for is that I start to tonight and finish sometime early next week. But I am.so happy these exist. Hoping for CD releases too.



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