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Tharg's Future Shop is OPEN!!

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Hi All,

Just to let you know that Tharg has now opened his Future Shop.

If you click "SHOP" on the banner at the top of this page and then click on the link "THARG'S FUTURE SHOP" you can enter and enjoy!

Hope you all enjoy it, there are LOADS of things to be had!!


Thread Zero:
I have just seen the funniest thing ever.


scojo trying to stop laughing

Gotta say most of this very expensive - ?1 each for a postcard!!! Posters are reasonable value for money though not as large as I expected them to be.

However very interested in the new Brian Bolland T-shirt and that it replaces the Beanie Hat as free to subscribers.

So if I upgrade my subscription from just 2k to 2k and the Meg do I get the new t-shirt free?

Link: Bolland T-shirt page

He's really rather good at it too. Hopefully we won't see him in any Gap adverts, pushing clothes made in sweatshops on Quaxxan.

2000AD Online:
If I buy a tee shirt featuring Mr. Bolland's artwork, will he get a royalty?


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