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 Joe Black

Books & Comics / Hibernia Comics
« on: 26 November, 2021, 12:01:27 AM »
I have reprinted a few of out best selling titles, The Tower King, The House of Daemon and The Angry Planet, The Indestructible Man and Doomy are still available too. The print run on the reprints are small so now is the best time to get something for Christmas :)
 Only available to buy here, - comicsy.co.uk/hibernia

JW is my favourite writer by a long shot, but this is not his finest moment, nice art, but Visible Man all the way!!

Pussyfoot, what a talent Smith is.

Skippy, it might be a bit, there, but at least it has a storyline, and the last outing was interesting enough.

Tribal Memories all the way, one of the better shorts in 2000 AD

 I'm a sucker for a 'B' comic and I dont remember Numbercruncher to much, So Colony is it.

HH for the first two episodes, great art and it did seem to be going somewhere ( downhill :) )

Havn it is, even though it didn't quite work, DD, I just cant get into it, ever though the art is great.

Zilk get the vote,  IIRC Young Middenface was a decent read but overstayed its welcome.

Loved the DC Bob, but subbing in 'Asbo' for Lobo just didn't work.

Project Overkill it is, an overlooked "B' story, with great art.

Suggestions / Re: I loved the dummy issue zero of AD 2000...
« on: 15 October, 2021, 12:21:32 AM »
There is nothing to Zarjaz beyond a cover, and The Dredd Comic, while most of the contents are known the cover is not, and there seems to be a main Dredd story not known either. Probably easily segued into 2000 AD.
Alternity and Earthside 8 are different, they were actually 'published', probably 100 printed of each for a focus group, and pulped on return. There is only a handful out there.

Books & Comics / Re: Monster Fun
« on: 20 September, 2021, 11:03:09 PM »
Great news! There'll be two reader in this house.

Hi Rob,
I sent you an email on the 1st, telling you I would be sending a replacement on the 3rd, which was sent. You should have it soon .


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