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Frazer Irving - Klarion the witch boy

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Wow. This looks great. Either theres a  really cool colourist onthis or Fraze has subtly changed his digital painting tsyle, either way I like it.Link:

Not sure on the etiquette of the board have been watching for a couple of days and trying to work out how things go, so just wanted to ask how does the newbie say that something looks really awful?
Written by Grant Morrison so will probably sell bucket loads no matter what it looks like.

By the way, hello.

Well, if past occasions are anything to go by a newbie's first post should have several qualities:

1) Be out of the blue about an issue no-one else has mentioned
2) Be offensive throughout, primarily to whatever artist or writer they have a bugbear about but then broadening that out to members of this board ("fascists") or Squaxx in general ("anal fanboy geeks")
3) Include a glaring error that easily leaves them open to piss-taking from aforementioned artist, writer, boarders et al
4) Either swear words or BE WRITTEN MOSTLY IN CAPS!
5) Contain massive image files without any explanation that annoy boarders who receive posts by e-mail.

When everyone else points out aforementioned mistake or has a go, the next post (if there is one) should contain one of the following:

1) Another round of swearing, calling us all *****, ******* and ******* **** ****** and saying we're all wrong and the merest fact that we're arguing means that we're wrong. Oh, and we're all gay.
2) A heartfelt admission and apology, along with an assertion that the original post was done "while drunk".
3) A post that makes no allusion whatsoever to the previous one, possibly hoping it will "go away".

And, once you've been through that, we may let you join in ...


All opinions are accepted, even wrong ones ;-)

Max Kon:
Personally I think Fraze's work looks better in black & white


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