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I didn't know...


according to a recent-ish Comics International, Peter Hogan and Rian Hughes are brothers-in-law, and "haven't worked together since Sam Slade"

well, there you go. not too interesting, but hopefully enough on-topic to save me from ridicule



btw, mr LMS also gets a name check


What does the lanky one get a namecheck for?


i can't rememeber if it was futurequake or solar wind (or something else)... i need to find it to give to him to put up on his wall

i had to break it gently to him the other night that it merely stated "art by Mike Molcher"... not good art, not shite art... just art

then he made me buy him beers all night. again. :)


House of Usher:

Hmm. Sounds like something from the December issue. Probably a review of FutureQuake #2. Probably also mentions Paul Glasswell, Adrian Bamforth (twice), Arthur Wyatt, Matt Timson, Gary Wilkinson and Daniel Whiston. Is that the one?


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