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Vimanarama - Grant morrison, Philip Bond

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"Okay. I think we unleashed the forces of darkness by mistake. Lucky I brought my dads hammer."

Okay, We3, the last Grant Morrison series I pimped here, has only just finished, but going by issue #1 this new one looks like it's really rather special as well. Muslim/Hindu mystic weirdness! Alien space gods! Philip Bond! Bradford! What more could you want?

And it looks like it's got a proper story, not just assembled Morrison weirdness, which is always a plus.

I think the first Seven Soldiers is out this week as well...Link: PDF Preview - CAUTION:  big file!

Looks great- Philip Bond rules

Its gooooooooood!

What Im really lookin forward to is 7 soldiers though, 30 odd issues of Morrison madness & the art looks fab!

It's worth buying just for Philip Bond's art.

Bought this..wont be buying the rest though...I think 7 soldiers will be more my style....too much Morrison is bad for you


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