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The Authority...just got the GN and would like to know what other peeps thought.


Rising Stars...Read the first GN a while back and enjoyed it, wondered if it was worth looking up the second one (if it exists).

I rather enjoyed THE AUTHORITY: RELENTLESS.  Some absolutely gorgeous art (was it Hitch? I can't recall) and Ellis' script meant that you could actually tell the characters apart.

I thought Rising Stars was pants. Had loads of people waxing lyrical about how good it was, and felt really let down.

The page(s) with the ghosts was quite clever, though...

Authority was ok but suffered from over-powered heros... which led to boring plots. "Hello I'm an unstopable supervillian - prepare to die" "Well I'm a batman ripoff who can kill anyone - all your underlings are dead" "I can do magic that lets me do anything basically - now you're dead as well" "You forgot our super-duper spaceship that can do anything" "That's for the next story"

Prefered Planetary although once the actual plot got going (and it stopped just riffing/ripping off other genre faves - Godzilla, HK ghosts, 50s Bomb movies, Hellblazer, Supes/Wonder Women/Green Latern - to name a few) it went off the boil

I agree with the Authority being over-powered, as I thought it made too short work of the first mini-arc.  Will have to read the rest later and see for myself what happens.

The ghost page was clever, I like that sort of thing every now and again. I seem to remember liking Rising Stars and will have another look at it when I get chance.

Will see if Planetary is in my local shop and check it out.

Cheers Gary.


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