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Seven Soldiers

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Grant Morrisons 7 Soldiers starts this week and I doubt theres anyone on the board more excited than I am.

example - When talking to a mate about it I commented that the impending Supreme Ruler (my wifes due to drop on 12/3/05) will be 1year and 6months old by the time its finished. Now thats a sad fanboy!

Soooo, anyone else looking forward to this?

Ooooooh! Yes, yes, yes.

Want it NOW!

- Fish-based Morrison fan with a Finbar Saunders "bent"

Yes. How much will this first issue cost though?

Its listed as $2.95 so it depends how loose your shop is with its price conversions. I reckon it'll be about ?2.20 going with FP's other titles.

I'm expecting a cheque soon made out in American dollars.  Can anyonen tell me the name of the bank or foreign exchange facility that FP use to get such a generous dollar to sterling exchange rate?


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