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Rebellion really need to promote their games...


I hope that things will improve by the time Rogue Trooper is released.

I'm no halfpint at 5ft 9, but I had to stand on tiptoes to reach a copy of Sniper Elite on Saturday. In Game in Oxford street there was a grand total of 3 copies on the shelves (2 after I nabbed one), and not because they were going like hot cakes. I didn't see any in HMV. The new releases shelves admittedly had loads of Black Hawk down, but Sniper Elite is by far the superior game, it just is nowhere to be seen. It was like trying to get a porno mag down from the top shelf.

As a brief review, I would say that this bodes well for RT. The graphics are poor, but it is very atmospheric, and the combat takes stealth in a whole new direction. Although you don't get Berlin as a sandbox, play is not linear. It's actually a little like Hitman Contracts - finding your own way through the level. It certainly shows that Rebellion have improved on their designs since Dredd Vs Death.

If you want a copy though you'll find it easier to go to Amazon, it's also pretty cheap, ?25 from the shops when I was expecting the usual ?32.

The Amstor Computer:
I should be getting my copy on Monday. I'd have to agree with you about promotion, though - apart from a couple of ads in 2000AD, I've seen bugger-all of this, and I didn't even know it was due for release so soon. Hopefully Rogue will get a bit of a bigger push.

BTW - I picked up my copy for ?18 from Bargain-bucket pricing!

Max Kon:
i saw loads of posters for it on the tube. Onlt one i remember the location of was in the busiest part of Bond street Station


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