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Dredd Vs Death game


Just playing a bit of the D vs D game this afternoon... the hospital level.  You can stumm gas the citizens you've just rescued into the quaranteen rooms, then arrest them for 10-15 years each. Good way to get a JUDGE DREDD rating.

Aaron Smurf Murphy:
Nah, on that level the best way to get a JD rating is to kill over 50 zombies and get mostly headshots. Armour piercing'll fix that.

That said I did arrest everone who survived on the smokatorium level just to be on the safe side.

Yeah I killed all the zombies too.  My only regret is that I didn't have enough gas grenades to arrest *all* the rescued citizens!

As with all shoot em up games I ran around bumping into things and firing into the sky..and then i gave up

I'm shit at computer games


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