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Leigh S:
Thought it'd be nice to ahve a thread for any reviews of Rogue that turn up - first one ive seen was in the new Dreamwatch mag?  One of those kind of things - gets 8 out of 10

The Amstor Computer:
Good idea, Watcher.

I'm particularly keen to see what Eurogamer make of it, as they tend to be less forgiving than some print mags, and if they give it a reasonable score it suggests it really will be worth a look for more than the "I'm playing as Rogue!" effect.

Keep an eye out for any info in the new Edge, as well - they're usually firm but fair as well.

Devons Daddy:
seen in singapore electronic gaming.
good heads up for next issue,
along the lines of .

another first person shooter? not a bit of it,computer chip buddies with souls and minds of there own full of wise cracks and the squad and be one character at the same time.

looking forward to this one LAH!.
had a screen shot and a cut and paste image of rogue firing at the reveiws section.

this local version of the mag managed to get GUN to number one in the local gaming charts and sold out in many shops.though internationally gun failed to hit the expected sales figures.

Bah. Nothing in this month's PC Zone...

I have some Rogue game questions...a little of topic...

1. Do we know the release date (is it April 21st?)
2. Do we know what online play there will be on Xbox LIVE!?
3. Will it play on a Xbox 360 (will there be the 360 'patch' released to allow it to play)?



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