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I had a browse of the mag rack in Asda. PSW had a very positive sounding preview. I get the impression it won't be properly reviewed by most mags until next month.

That's a little strange...most mags get the review copies prior to release...wonder if the release date is going to go back, or if the preview code is not so good?

I'm buying it either way, but if it won't play on the 360, then I won't be buying one of those for a few months...which will make the wife very happy.

I've already asked for a copy of this for my Hiccy Birdy. The 22nd.


"the game will feature special cooperative missions for up to four players (split-screen or online), in which you'll plat as Rogue, Gunnar, Bagman, and Helm before the squad ceased to be"

I lifted this from Ive scoured the net and theres no reviews anywhere. The did say some very positive things about the preview code.

Cant wait for this one!!

( Est. 2003)

From SFX's site "You can read our review of Rogue Trooper in issue 143 of SFX, on sale Wednesday 12 April."


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