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Come and fight zombies.

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Howdo. This might be known to you all already but I've found a simple but fun interactive zombie game online. It's basically akin to the old adventure games of old 'Get Gold', 'Sing about Gold' and that sort of thing, but worth a look. So far I've managed to avoid zombies, lose my mobile, find a first aid kit, find a hiding place, and swap messages with someone else.

Anyway, come and have a look, nad if you join up I'll tell you where my safehouse is.Link: Braaaaaains.

I've just joined. I'm now Officer Plisken.

This will so be e-mailed round my mates.

Well tell them to be kind to DavidXBrunt, officer.

All signed up.

Name is 'T Savini' : )

Been playing for a while, got two characters going WoDMaN and Wod01 - I'm pretty much a zombie on WoDMaN all the bloody time, and scampering around with Wod01 just trying to survive.  Bloody zombies are getting stronger, and now werewolves and vampires too....


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