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I've ordered Rouge for the Xbox

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and also seen it for ?17.99 on play (I think) for the PC...good price.

It was 29.99 on Xbox from Gameplay.

Now looking forward to 4-player co-op...

Rouge eh? Get some blusher while you are at it you big girl!

It was looking a little in the shade what with the 360 you know!

Had a scout about and it's pretty tough to get the PS2 version for less than ?29.99 although Game go for a competitive ?34.99.

Amazon have it for ?29.99 and have a helpful one star review from a tit who didn't like DvsD and assumes this'll bite too.

Best price? Tesco although you have to add ?1.50 or so post - or add it to the missus' shopping order...Link: Every microscopic bit helps...

The Enigmatic Dr X:
Ordered for the PC from Play.

You know, I'd have bought it from here if I could.


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