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deus x machina:
(Didn't know where to stick this thread. . .. ...  steady!)

Morning all,

Just a quick 'oh hi' to you all. I have watched the forums for a few years now but for some reason never posted.

I'm the usual 'been reading since I could' fan, had number 320 passed onto me (and all the previous) by my older brother and on I went....

2 things I'm looking for help with...

1: Annoyingly I have only just got around to treating myself to the 'Nemesis T-shirt' only to find that the official shop are out of stock therfore I bought from Forbidden Planet only to be told today that (in the voice of a dim girl) "er.. . .we aint got none in stock!" "ok, can you tell me when yu expect them in?" "er... .. no! but they are due" "oh, ok, so you will be getting some more then?" "er... . ... . .. . . .. .. ... . .. . .. ..don't know!"
Anyway, can someone please advise me of anywhere i can get a Nemesis t-shirt in a Medium.

2: I'm aslo looking for some original artwork of Mr Henry Flint /bows down

I will attempt to abu.. ..   use this forum more

Borag Thungg, Earthlet and welcome to the forum.

Richmond Clements:
Good afternoon.

And welcome to the board.
I've moved your post to the "general" section of the board, as it was more relevant than the "website" section.

Enjoy your time here.  

Roger Godpleton:
Salutations. On Sundays you have to be naked, and you have to kill someone before using an avatar.


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