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Hello everybody,

                    Been on the forum for a few days and enjoying it immensely. I'd like to thank all the members who've given much welcomed advice, I am unfortunately somewhat of a luddite but this forum seems pretty intuitive, you're just going to have to bear with me while I keep posting in the wrong place. And say what you will about the ADMINISTRATION but they listened to suggestions and set up this "Welcome to the board" section so good on 'em.

                     I've been reading the prog since I can remember, even whilst living in the torpid rainforests of Brunei I managed to ferret out copies in the Naafi and I can honestly say that it still gives my heart a lift every time I lay my sweaty paws on a new unread issue of the tooth (as I believe it is referred to).

                     There are many different threads your life can follow but one of the constants for me has always been 2000AD and it's caused me more joy and heartbreak over the years than any of your new fangled media things could possibly hope to ,and it knocks any of your Marvel and DC rhubarb into a cocked Harlem Heroes helmet.

                     I'm also working my way through the Megazine (vols 1 and 2 so far) and what can I say....crikey.

                      Well, anyway, before I get carried away, borag thung to one and all, I'm Kerrin and...

Welcome aboard Kerrin, I must say I envy you reading all those megs from scratch.  

Greetings Kerrin hope you enjoy your time here. The majority of us are pretty friendly lot.

Roger Godpleton:

On Sundays you have to be naked and you have to kill someone and get a teardrop tattoo before you can really belong.


--- Quote ---get a teardrop tattoo
--- End quote ---

Two, if you have a double subscription.  Oh, and at some point we have to accuse you of being a former boarder called Sc*j* - only when you have proved beyond all reasonable doubt that you are not he will you be allowed to post unmolested.

F*ck off, Sc*j*!

(I kid, I kid... or do I?).


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