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Hi, new poster here, I've followed this board for a while though I haven't registered before.

As I didn't grow up in the UK or anywhere that Tooth is easily available, my first contact with it was through the Eagle reprints of Dredd and Robo-Hunter in the mid-80s, then coming across stuff like Nemesis and the ABC:s.

I picked up the odd progs throughout the 90s, but didn't really get back into it until a few years ago. Since then, happily, I've been able to pick up about half of what I've missed, (which still of course amounts to quite a bit). Well, that's a short summary of my Tooth interest, anyway.

Best Regards,


Richmond Clements:
Hello, Marc.

Welcome to the board!

Dr Feeley Good:
Hi Marc......


Hello Citizen! Welcome to Megacity One!
Obey the Law and all will be simple! Rebel and you must prey Mercy to my gun!  


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