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Hello everyone!
I am Spartan375 from Hellas.
(For those who don't know, Hellas is the official name of the country called Greece in English.)

I like Judge Dredd stories because Dredd is a real Hero. He doesn't have state of the art power armor, mutated DNA, or allies superpowers like others. He is a human, but he is something more, he is Mega-City 1 Judge. Every time and every second is ready to fight the crime. He has a strong character and even when he is hurt or all odds is against him, he is still the Judge Dredd.
I believe that heroes like Dredd has much to say to any human. The whole Dredd's universe has many allegories, to advise and give examples. It reminds me ancient Hellenic Tragedies.

Unfortunately, 2000AD comics, never come to Hellas. When i asked in news stands, press agencies and bookstores but they looked me like i was an alien...
First meet with Dredd was with this 1995 movie. But it was to bad, and failed to show the Dredd's world and his personality . It was made with the style "its cool, put it in". So many things was mixed and messed up...

Anyway, the years passed and one Uncle of me was is England, and he was bought some progs. Later he give them to my to read them, I was 15 years old then.

Now i am here and i hope to have good conversations and exchange of opinions.
My best wishes to The World's Greatest Comic, to all of its readers and the readers of its forum!

The Enigmatic Dr X:
Helllo, Master Chief!

Hello mate.

Καλώς ήρθατε στο φόρουμ, Spartan.

Nice to meet you every one.
Καλός σε βρήκα TordelBack.    

By the way, Master Chief's code number was 117.
The 375 after my name is from the first letters of three words, in the numbers of telephone buttons.
Of course, i have play the first Halo and i liked it.

But i never take some others name as my name. I only take other fictional characters or real persons as examples.
Master Chief was good as character, but also it was dependent by his power armor.
Thats why i like Judge Dredd. He is not depending in anything more that his Lawgiver and his Lawmaster.


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