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Batman's Superior Cousin:
Gonna start Portal 2 by the end of the week (hopefully) followed by inFamous, inFamous 2, Batman: Arkham City, Resistance 3 & Hitman Absolution. I've already downloaded my free inFamous game AND have pre-orded Batman: Arkham City & Hitman Absolution.

The Enigmatic Dr X:
Dragon Age: Awakenings.

Been playing it and the main game (both for the first time) on and off since February.

Good thread. Mothing would play on my PS3 so I dug out the 360 and played R-Type and Speedball 2. Joyous times. All set to catch up on Mass Effect.

Keef Monkey:
First time here since the forum had a polish, very swish!

Been playing Mafia 2 today, it's pretty decent. The actual movement and shooty mechanics aren't quite working for me, but the characters and setting seem pretty decent. Having spent a ridiculous amount of time in Liberty City, it feels more like LC in the '40s than New York to me, like a retro GTA. In fact it's far closer to the '40s GTA that I think folks may have expected from LA Noire, although it has a similar linearity to Noire. Will see how it pans out, so far it's alright but not really setting my world alight.

Richmond Clements:
Got a review copy of Child of Eden through today.
It looks wonderful, and is quite and experience, but it is- when you boil it down- a standard on rails shooter. Still a lovely game though.


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