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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars on my John Higgins's Dredd 3DS XL.

Pretty damn good for an XCOM lite. Not really a challenge unless you play it on hard. You always know you will win, it's just a question of exactly how. The Recon Banshee is overpower we d though and if you play her just right you can rack up massive kill streaks.

But what the actual foot? Russia invading Ukraine as a premise? Naw, that would never happen.

(Ok, it turns out Russia is being manipulated by extremist Imperial factions but still...)

The Enigmatic Dr X:

--- Quote from: Tiplodocus on 07 April, 2022, 09:00:36 PM ---
(Ok, it turns out Russia is being manipulated by extremist Imperial factions but still...)

--- End quote ---

Um, in real life or the game?

Richmond Clements:
Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh man, this is great fun.  It turned up on Game Pass a few weeks ago. It is genuinely funny with some amazing dialogue. There are a few places where I have been frustrated, places that require a precise QTE button push, but other than that, it is a helluva load of fun.

Link Prime:
Which one of you fools were giving out hell about the GTA Trilogy re-masters?
Wait - that was a different forum - apologies.

I took a break from the ever frustrating Elden Ring at the weekend, and loaded up the Vice City "Definitive Edition" remaster (PS4 disc on PS5) as a palate cleanser.

Wow - they did a great job.
Vice City itself looks amazing compared to the PS2 era - in particular the background detail, weather effects and neon lights.
I got sucked right back in, and had every main mission completed by 6.00pm yesterday.
Now I have to decide if I will go through the slog of attempting the Platinum Trophy (100% completion required - I'm still not over the last time I did it, two decades ago).

PS - The radio stations are still the best thing about this game. Razor sharp, and absolutely hilarious.
Shame that they removed the Michael Jackson tracks, I can still appreciate his music personally, but understand if it's unappealing for others.

The last game I felt I really played was Death Stranding. It's been really hard to get into a game ever since. I am in gaming limbo at the moment.


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