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Colin YNWA:
Has anybody else read any of this?

I got the first collection available from the above website and its bloomin' great. There's a few times in the early issues when the dialogue made me wince and it does wear its influences very much on its sleeve, AND one of the characters I found cliché (and another a little bit, the rest mind are very refreshing and well developed) that said that's all the negatives out the way. Its a well constructed, well plotted story with great characters. The 'action' sequences are pretty lo-fi but all the more exciting and enjoyable for that.

For many people (and I include myself here) at first look the art is very rough, rudimentary and simple, but as you read the book you realise quite how strong it is. Okay there are a few storytelling issues as Martin Eden learns his trade, but they are few and far between and while the art is basic there's some wonderful character moments and all the characters genuinely look different and are recognisable which is something a lot of professional arts can't claim. Its stripped to its essence but in doing that the essence of what the art wants to achieve really shines through.

Its bloomin' great stuff and I'd heartily recommend it. Volume 2 is being released at Thought Balloon which I'm hoping to get to and really looking forward to picking it up.

I've got all the original editions and I would echo those comments. The art isn't great but the story is brilliant. It's one of the first small press comics I read (along with Bulldog - go hunt that one down too) and inspired me to do my own. Mart - it's all your fault!

I have to agree and I couldn't recommend this highly enough. I read all the original issues and they are really brilliant. I just got the first book of the collections myself and its really worth the money (and not much money at that). The art gets better its true, but I really do like even the early stuff. Great writing, great characters and an epic storyline. Fair play to Martin Eden. One of the best small press books you can get. So go on treat yourself:

Be cool


It's extremely good, although I actually prefer Martin's stablemate, Grant Springford.  Grant did Pest Control and is now onto The Abnormals - a bit like Sapphire & Steel meets Doom Patrol.

Colin YNWA:
Nerco-but I don't care-post.

Just to let you all know (as I'm sure you were dying to find out!) I've just finished Book 3 and it is truly superb. Right up there with the best of the epic superhero yarns. O-Men is basically Chris Claremont's X-Men, updated, with better more intricate plotting and you don't have to wade through the his terrible dialogue and overwrought scripting to get to the good stuff. Its really is one of the best superhero comics I've read.

The art remains at first glance rough and very basic. It does however carry the story and the characters quite fantastically. Far more 'technically gifted' artists would do well to look at how Martin Eden's art gives you distinct individuals, whose emotions are easy to read and whose actions are precise and clear.

All three of the books currently available are worth getting but Book 3 is a ten part story that ties everything together in wonderfully epic fashion.

Each of the books is only £7 or £9 for over 200 pages of brilliance. Seriously can't recommend them highly enough.


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