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--- Quote from: Jimmy Baker's Assistant on 28 April, 2013, 04:38:42 PM ---This is a great idea for a thread.

However, I would not pay one single penny for Before Watchmen. Encouraging news that it's going cheap.

--- End quote ---


The Adventurer:
The Hypernaturals ComiXology sale is pretty sweet. Great book. Though I wish Boom would get the free comic book day prologue up on ComiXology. They seem to have forgot.

There will be a clearance sale in October for IDW limited line: "This October marks the first anniversary of IDW Limited. It's been an excellent year and we plan on celebrating! Starting Tuesday October 8th at 10am Pacific Time IDW Limited will host a 72 hour sale that will see select in-stock items available at up to 60% off."

Just what I wanted to hear Vark! IDW have a lot of stuff I want to get at the moment.

Beware, like I said it is only on the "limited" line, that doesn't include monthly comics, paperbacks or Artist edition. On the other hand, there are two Judge Dredd book in the limited line (but you probably know all that).


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