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Stick with the Terry Moore HB thats still lie for the next day or so instead.

Yeah, I already bought that one. SO MANY COMICS

Colin YNWA:
Fantastic Humble Bundle for Cinebook - some absolutely fantastic material here. If you don't have the Aldebaran series just get this - its fantastic stuff

I was going to ask about this. I’ve not heard of any of this stuff, but am increasingly grabbing European fare (The Golden Age; Carbon & Silicon). So this one’s worth a punt, then?

One day, I might actually have time to read all these comics…

Colin YNWA:
I would say absolutely

Orbital is fantastic.
All the Leo stuff, Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, Antares are just wonderful. As are the Niamibia books. I've not read Distant Worlds but will get to it for sure.

There a lot of other stuff I'm interested in.

We have a thread about Cinebook which might be worth scanning. It  covers a lot more than just their sci-fi books but well might give you some insight if you 'flick' through.


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