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I'm very tempted by the Cinebooks bundle, but am put off by the requirement that it must be redeemed through the Izneo app. I don't want another comics app in my life. Chunky works, the 2000ad app works usually and there is Comixology if I really need it. Why do I have to get another?

Oh. I’d not spotted that. That’s a red line for me. I just tried the app and it’s another that doesn’t give the slightest shit about vestibular accessibility, and the interface more broadly is best described as “not good”. What a pity. Still, I’ve plenty of other things to read.

Humble’s doing another Transformers set, although there’s a ton of overlap with the previous one.

From what I can tell, if you got the other one, the new bits are the Transformers ’84 books, Power of the Predacons, Beast Wars 1, Best of Megatron, Best of Optimus Prime, Halloween Special, Wreckers Saga, and 7 volumes of the 2019 strip (which oddly omits 4–6).

Forbidden Planet  London have copies of Accident Man for just £3.99 in their sale area

I know we are always after bargain comics and collections and here's a new one - you bid for the title, usually at a low price, and you might pick up a bargain on 2000AD, Treasury and UK comic creator books
Not forgetting Colin Nobles collection too
I also like Phil's Comics page too here


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