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Yep know it is biggest popular in US, but that was release last week, so wait and see next few weeks. it can drain battery so easy. and use data much.

But still enjoy Fallout Shelter :D

I'm a Spectrum man meself.


--- Quote from: Goaty on 14 July, 2016, 12:39:51 PM ---I been try this Pokemon Go app, you only go to those areas and catch Pokemons, bring level up, that's it. But it will drain your Mobile Data. If your kids got it, you will get huge monthly bills. Very pointless app.

--- End quote ---

My 11 year old couldn't be more excited for this, and as a kid with anxieties about going outside, he's actively looking to head out and catch pokemon with me and the missus, as well as giving us a great way to convince him to go to new places that he'd otherwise want to steer clear off.

Pointless is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose!


Ha! My partner was passingly curious about it. I showed her, explained the basic principles, and asked if she was going to instal it.

'Pfft  - nah!' she said 'It looks totally pointless.'

She then proceeded to play her freemium 'build a kingdom' game that she spends hours a week on.


As a seasoned Pokemon fan, I sadly found the game app to lack something the actually Nintendo console games have in spades. I can't say what for the life of me, charm? Story? Universal investment? Whatever it is, I spent 2 hours wandering about St. Peter Port catching half a dozen Rattats and Pidgeys before I got bored, went home and cracked out the 3DS, booting up Omega Ruby for the memories.


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