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I've got a Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show on Youtube now

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New video is up!

This one took an age to do, because it's quite long, I had to do it around a load of other stuff, and I've also been taking medication for a stomach problem that's been knocking me out cold every five minutes. (What can I say, folks? Life's been fun lately.)

ANYWAY. Here's a look at a really interesting one. Quake 4 has only, to my knowledge, ever recieved one console port, for the Xbox 360. So I took a look at it late last year, and you can find out just how well it made the jump to Microsoft's then-new console in the link below:

New video is up, folks!

Leaning very heavily on my 'I'll review anything, me' credentials, I dial things back considerably to look at a ZX Spectrum game that seems awfully familiar. It's almost like it looks just liek somehting else, but I can't quite put my finger on what...

Watch it here:

New video alert! WOOOP! WOOOP!
New video alert! WOOOP! WOOOP!
(Feel free to add some drum 'n' bass under that. Seriously - you'll thank me later.)

Continuing my sporadic exploration of console conversions of popular arcade games, I take a look at the NES version of ARKANOID. Basically breakout on steroids.

I remember playing a few different home computer versions of this back in the day, and being blown away by the expansion on the simple bat and ball formula. The Nintendo Entertainment System's conversion went a step further, as it released with its own dedicated controller, which SHOULD have made it the ultimate conversion, right?

Turns out the ravages of time didn't much care for that detail.

Watch the review via this link. You know you want to.


My latest block of content ends with a bang tonight, with a girthy, fulsome (some might even say 'heavyweight') review of TITANFALL 2.

Watch it here:

Then go and buy it. You'll thank me later.

Quick heads up for a thing I'll be doing tomorrow that's come about at fairly short notice.

Over on twitch, at 6:00PM BST, I'll be doing a blow-by-blow breakdown of the recently revealed gameplay footage of HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST.

Here's the obligatory promo image:

You can find me on Twitch via this link:

We can probably look forward to gaffes aplenty, as this'll be the first time I've ever streamed on Twitch!


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