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I've got a Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show on Youtube now

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If anyone was waiting on the stream today, sadly my computer said 'no.'

But then, after a full day of techie wrangling, I said 'SCREW YOU, COMPUTER!' and I'll be going live at 9:30PM instead.

Drop by and say hi, if you like. The game looks cool as hell, so it should be fun!

Quick heads up that I'll be attempting to do another Twitching today at 5:00PM UK time.

Nothing video game-y, mind. I've had a rather juicy product of the anime / giant robot variety arrive via my postal portal. As it's quite fancy, I figure it might be worth trying a stream around that for an hour or so.

What's in the box? What could it be?!


Also worth mentioning: I'm coasting along on maybe an hour's sleep today, so God only knows what state I'll be in by the time I go live. So if you do drop by, prepare to see me in my natural state - i.e. running on fumes, and quite likely to have a narcoleptic episode live on camera.

See... I don't half give you lot value for money!

Not actually pertaining to video games, but I think this might be of interest to certain folks on the forum.

This evening at 6:00PM UK time, I'm going to be putting on one of my soon-to-be-regular show and tell streams on Twitch. The idea of these is that, each week, I'll turf out something cool from my Stash of Interesting Things and put it on camera for your edification.

This week's artifact is a very special HD Blu Ray release of the '90s cult classic anime CYBER CITY OEDO 808, which I'll be talking about at length. If you remember this one, or have any fondness for it, why not swing by for a bit and we can share some memories!

My channel can be found via the link below - don't forget to whack the 'follow' button over there if you'd like to keep up with my weekly streams! That'll help me a lot as I work toward affiliate status on Twitch.

'Allo folks! it's been a while, eh?

I've been sidelined from online content production for a bit thanks to some annoying and persistent health concerns. Basically, if it wasn't my duodenum, it was my inner ear. I'm still not 100%, but I'm in a reasonably good place to start doing things again.

On Saturday night, I'll be doing a thing on Twitch at 9:00PM. Horizon Forbidden West is currently slated for release on February 18th, 2022. And it looks IMMENSE.

If anyone fancies hanging out with me for bit, I'll be scrutinising ALL of the gameplay footage that's been released to date. I did this roughly six months ago with the initial gameplay reveal, and folks seemed to enjoy that quite a bit. We're gonna go deep with this one!

You can find me on Twitch via this link - new followers are more than welcome!


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