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I've got a Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show on Youtube now

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--- Quote from: HdE on 15 September, 2018, 07:08:36 AM ---(Actually, if I don't drum up some more views and subscribers fairly soon, you may not see many videos full stop. But that's another matter entirely.)

--- End quote ---

Ah that's a shame man, hope things pick up!

Subscribed. Missus is away this weekend and this will stop me shunning porn.  :)

My 12 year-old lad enjoyed your Reach video too. Only having had the original XBox to play Halo 1&2 to death on, he's now super jealous.  I've been trying to broaden his Tubing away from fail videos and people screaming at Minecraft,  introducing him to the critical pleasures of folk like Lindsay Ellis,  and your style of well-spoken considered reviewing fits nicely into the gaming side of that.

Keep going.  If you make 'em,  subs will come.

Wow - thanks guys!

Got to admit, this week's update has been a source of some frustration. There's a LOT of work that's gone into these videos, over an uncomfortably long span of time, with a bazillion obstacles and roadblocks along the way. And Youtube themselves have made things needlessly difficult. So, to release a video covering a high profile entry in an absolutely MASSIVE video game franchise to a piffling ten views on the first day was a bit of a tough one to take.

But I've woken up today to find the views have trebled, and I have a bunch of new subs! Cheers, everyone! That's the kind of validation an overworked caffeine addict needs!

It's probably worth mentioning, though, in response to the notion that 'if you make 'em, subs will come' - this is actually an area in which Youtube are quite deliberately sabotaging small channels at the moment. The details are pretty involved, and I could write an essay here if I had the time, but basically, some videos are actively suppressed, and the site's notification system is SHOCKINGLY broken.

I HATE being the guy who follows up on such a lovely bunch of posts with the typical 'don't forget to like and subscribe!' shtick, but it's worth making sure you've clicked the notifiction bell icon to ensure you get alerts about new videos. Sometimes, even THAT doesn't work - hence why I'm setting up threads like this one where I have an online presence.

But, not to fret. I've started to see a little bit of the kind of support the channel needs to keep going. And I knew going in that this is the kind of venture where you have to knock out a LOT of content to secure any kind of foothold. We're good for at least another half dozen videos. After that, I have to start looking at stats and all that boring Youtube guff to see how sustainable a venture this is and how the gameplan needs to be tweaked. Sadly, as Google continue to ruin the site, this becomes a bigger part of it all.

Oh - and a quickie note for Tiplodocus: Cheers for the specially kind words! You might want to keep your lad away from my anime reviews, mind - there are a few of those where I fling a fair bit of PG rated language about.

After a brief lay-off to catch up on other things and make some further plans, I've put up a new video. This time, I look at a handheld version of the ever popular BATTLESHIP. Rendered lovingly in shades of green on the original Gameboy.

Review can be found here:


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