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Vol 2 Issue 2 is a fab read! I've not gotten into Elephant Men before so I'm very happy to see that here. The team know how to pick their content! The Spacewarp short was better than anything in the original #1, some good ideas, shifter was a fun all-action story and finally we are seeing Killatoa do his thing and stand out from the rest of Furman & Senior's strip. He's got exactly what made DH so appealing but through a different lens & takes cover duty next issue by the looks of it.

^^^What Tomwe said. I went into town yesterday expecting just the prog and the Meg, and found also Shift, Croix-Noir #1 and the new Fortean Times. Result. If an expensive one.

I left Shift for last, largely because I hadn't enjoyed the previous issue as much as I had in the past and was concerned the lustre was coming off. Shouldn't have been such a namby pamby. Not a wasted page, and everything was hugely enjoyable- notably Elephantmen (which I'd only read in that Strontium Dog crossover drawn by Boo Cook) and To The Death. Great to see Pat promoting Requiem and Claudia again- I have all the Panini volumes and love them, but we have been waiting too long for no. 6 and I hope we get a chance, through Shift, for an opportunity to read Claudia at last.

Shift is still probably the best UK comic on the market that isn't 2000AD or the Meg (when Lawless is running).


Colin YNWA:
I still think the comic is struggling to live up to the truly excellent first line-up. Each time one of the openers drifts out, or reaches its conclusion good material comes in, no doubt, but its never quite as good. With Soulwind gone now we only have Shifter - which must be nearing a thrilling conclusion soon (?) and To the Death - SOOOOO energetic this time wow.

Now I have to qualify this a little as for the first time this issue includes something I've read before in Elephantmen - War Toys.  Now I must say I really enjoyed it here. Last time I read War Toys I was working my way through an almost complete digital run of the series (first 60ish issues) and the main series was really running out of steam for me and I had flipped from loving it to really struggling to get through it. That was a couple of years ago now and I've not returned to it since. Reading this now, in isolation and away from the main series it really is brilliant. Helped immensely by the glorious art of Moritat.

The Ghost in the Sword by Liam Sharp ... wasn't as good, nor interesting as it wanted to be and fell a little flat for me. Muscle Memory was sharp and energetic and I'm looking forward to more. The Millsworld stuff and  Sweep and Clean I wasn't a big fan of.

This is still a great package and amazing value for money. Its just a little in the shadows of its own high standards.

The smell is deeper and richer too now, that has got even better!

Worth noting To The Death is a finite series as well. I've no idea how far they are into it though. I have a handful of the US sized issues but haven't looked to see where the overlap is. At the beginning they were almost running a whole issue at a time but that has dropped down considerably. From what I gather about Adrian though, I bet he would commission the series to continue given the option!
I'm still without my HC yearbook, I know they rejigged it for that version. Would be nice to get it soon though.

Latest SHIFT newsletter announcing Stewart Kenneth Moore's Thrawn Janet will feature in its pages soon. Continuing to diversify and add well regarded content!


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