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Hello after forever, from Floyd Kermode

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The Legendary Shark:

Welcome back.

Michael Knight:
welcome back mate

I don't think I'm anyone's arch nemesis!  Good to hear the progs are still good - I never doubted that for a moment.
   Since last being here, I've become bionic, via a metal heart valve drama, putting me in a bit of a bucket list mood.  So I've been to the UK twice and visited the Isle of Man to speak Manx, and got to meet someone from this board IRL (Gary W in Lincoln)
   I'm watching The Boys with my son now, which is pretty 2000 AD adjacent.   
--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 01 October, 2020, 11:52:59 AM ---Are you Buttonman's arch nemesis?

Welcome back, hope you have fun. Have you dropped of the Prog and Meg completely as there's so much great stuff but as Bolt says best place to start to current Prog, or 2200 as a nice jump on and the Meg with 424 as also a jump on for its 30th maybe?

--- End quote ---

and - where are my manners? - thanks for the welcome backs!

Funt Solo:
Welcome back, Master of Letters.


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