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Hi everyone

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I finally managed to pass intelligence test, now famous "redd" instead of "dredd". Anyway, thank for letting me join your family. I admit I didn't read 2000ad that much, at least not when compared Marvel or DC. But 2000ad did something that those two didn't. Once a was awfully depressed, so much I even remember the dates, and really was in awful condition.
It's where I picked a copy of JD: Day the Law Died and immensely loved it. Especially humor and immediately I felt better.
Now, I read 2000ad from time to time, collect trades, and such. I finished few days ago Future Shocks vol2, then ordered vol1.
I even consider developing my scripts for submission, once lockdown gets lifted up.

Cheers, people.

Trooper McFad:
Welcome aboard and enjoy the chat

Welcome !

2000AD covers a rich world of of diverse stories. So many candidates to start with.

Colin YNWA:
Welcome aboard. Explore cos if you have only started to dip your toe in there a whole wonderful world of material out there to discover.

We also have threads to discuss other comic chat if you fancy discussing the other comics you read.

Have fun.

Welcome aboard!


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