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Trooper McFad:
Welcome and enjoy the banter

Colin YNWA:
Welcome aboard. Its an almost entirely different comic, in terms of quality from the 900s which many of use consider a bit of a low. Well the prog now is on a rich vein of form and to be fair has been for quite some time. You'll have a blast when you track down those back issues and while you do there is a host of collections to keep you happy.

Have fun.

Welcome back to the prog! There’s a lot of great stuff for you to wade through!

Thanks guys for the welcome, not my first forum so my skin has thickened already, let loose with your humour. Just finished the 100s, starting on the 200s so not desperate for new issues just yet, looking forward to getting to Slaine and Rogue Trooper, personal faves, Dredd is keeping me entertained till then. From memory, which is only partially reliable, I was buying weekly from about 600 to 900 so not missing many there. The earlier issues I hunted down in comic stores so that’s where the gaps are, once I get an accurate list of gaps I will be posting here, they were hard to find in Australia back in the 90s so I imagine it isn’t any easier 30 years later. But they’ve got this thing called the internet since then so fingers crossed 🤞🏻.


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