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I'm excited! A NEW ongoing kids comic???

Great news! The key to this is distribution, I think. If it gets into supermarkets etc then hopefully it'll find an appreciative audience.

Well, that’s good news. A pity the frequency is bi-monthly, but the reasoning (aligning with holidays) makes sense. Perhaps if it takes off, we’ll get more. Although I suspect if Sweeny Toddler isn’t in every issue, mini-IP is going to HAVE WORDS.

Colin YNWA:
Wow well that is interesting news. The format / schedule is fascinating every 2 months is more like a regular special? I wonder whether that will allow it to find a regular audience, or is the idea more for folks to drop in and out as they stumble across it? Either way fantastic to see Rebellion trying new things... mind you all this could do is make Jim's blood pressure rise as its used as evidence of why Regened should be its own thing!

I don’t think this does anything to contradict what Jim and others have said about Regened. It’s a combination of tactics, markets and what distributors/stores will take. Rebellion obviously sees a possible space for Monster Fun, and there must be a level of newsstand support to allow that to happen. That said, given the Beano numbers I saw recently, I’ll bet Rebellion will also be pushing the subs side of things hard. (Beano ABCs are up, but that’s entirely down to subs, not newsstand.)


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